I'm @contrabourdon on Steem.

I'm an organist and IT professional from Australia.

I joined Steem in early 2019 to enter an organ playing contest.
The rest is history!

I'm an avid supporter of the Steem blockchain as an investor, author, curator, developer and witness operator.


I'm married to Steemian @leysa and have three beautiful daughters:
@principal8, @octave4 and @flageolet2.

I regularly perform organ recitals, play for church services and also teach the piano.

My day job involves working for a top media organisation in Australia,
where my main responsibility involves all things AWS.

My witness

I run the witness @untersatz (co-owned with @organduo).

Current rank: 85 (Jan 2020).

Vote for us by clicking the organ stop below or at https://steemit.com/~witnesses

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@untersatz witness activities
Contest donations, curation/comment bots and Steem community automation

Steem @transfer.later

Steem @transfer.later
Schedule STEEM/SBD transfers

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Steem @random.winner
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Steem quick trade
Trade your Steem-Engine tokens fast

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Steem @tts.reloaded
Text-to-speech on demand


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Leave a comment on my Steem blog or contact me directly on Discord (contrabourdon#9139).